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Clients & Projects

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With 40 consultants, 5 offices, and reference clients in 25 countries, we have extensive experience in many areas of work and many sectors of industry.

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Over the last years, we have had the chance to advise a diverse group of clients from many sectors of industry. Our clients include major corporations just as much as family companies and small to medium enterprises. We are also proud supporters of public sector and non-profit organizations. Our projects range from the automotive to the aerospace industry, from mechanical engineering to the energy sector, and from chemical enterprises to financial services and hospitals and healthcare providers

Our projects

We have prepared brief case studies of selected projects to show you more about our work. You can download the briefs in our media pool.

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The industries we serve

  • Automotive

    2017 has taken the automotive industry by surprise with many, major challenges affecting it. Home-grown problems only add to the general pressure to evolve:

    • Electric cars
    • Driverless cars
    • Industry 4.0
    • New BRIC markets
    • New regulatory proposals
    • Lost reputation
    • Networking plans
    • Radical changes in Generation Y consumer habits
  • Banks / Finance

    After the disruptions of the financial crisis, the sector had a short reprieve. Now, the post-Brexit world and the rise of fintech companies are causing new turbulence:

    • Constant changes in the regulatory environment
    • Political upheavals and changing commercial circumstances
    • Negative interest rates
    • A profession losing its reputation, affecting the availability of young talent
    • Disruptive business models (fintech)
    • Potential real estate bubbles and their impact on established business models
  • Consulting

    The consulting industry itself is experiencing a time of transition. Many organizations have built up internal consulting competences. There are many new challenges, including:

    • Automation and standardization vs. the increasing specialization of consulting services
    • Providers from emerging markets entering the market, e.g. in legal advice, architecture, and business consulting
    • Competition by internal consulting units in larger organizations
    • Recruiting and empowering junior talent in a time of increasing expectations by clients
  • (Bio) Pharmaceutical

    The dramatic developments in the pharmaceutical industry show no signs of abating. The still increasing cost pressures in all major markets are placing entire business models in jeopardy, but also open up enticing new opportunities. The list of challenges is long:

    • The burden of complex regulation, especially for biopharmaceuticals
    • Public reservations about bio-engineering, particularly in Europe
    • Stricter local regulations and major mergers
    • Volatile resource markets
    • Challenging chemical logistics
    • Sustainability
    • Patenting, especially in emerging markets
    • Increasingly cost-intensive research and development
    • Blockbuster products losing patent protection
    • Uncertainty about the future of the American pharmaceutical market
  • Energy

    The climate debate and the political, commercial, and technical forces unleashed by it have caused massive changes in the energy sector. The companies in the industry need to confront the following issues:

    • Dynamic changes in national and international conditions
    • Renewable energy sources
    • The uncertain future of conventional energy sources
    • Change management
    • Leadership development
  • Healthcare

    The shake-up of the healthcare system and the increasing demands of patients and their families concerning medical and care standards are creating many new challenges for the actors in this high-profile sector:

    • The ethical conundrum of combining medical and commercial work and the conflict between different job groups
    • Increasing expectations in terms of management and process management by medical personnel
    • National legislation
    • Demographic trends
    • Rigid conservatism in existing organizational cultures and structures
    • Lack of qualified labour
    • Digital health
  • Consumer Goods

    Although many right and important decisions have been taken in the recent past, the consumer goods sector remains affected by challenges on all sides. The following trends will determine the winners and losers in the industry:

    • Global sourcing and procurement strategies
    • New distribution channels like online retail for greater transparency and disruptive impact
    • Isolation of important actors in the global market
    • Industry 4.0
    • Extreme competition caused by the “winner takes all” effects of digitalization
    • Opportunities and repercussions of the rise of the emerging markets
  • Aerospace

    The future of the industry seems affected by the greatest uncertainties of its history:

    • The challenge of radical business models by budget airlines
    • Disruptions in the market by Middle Eastern airlines not driven by profit maximization, but by the formation of monopolies
    • New restrictions on flyover rights and the global fight against emissions and noise
    • Aggressive industrial action and change fatigue
    • Uncertainty about the development of jet fuel prices and the future role of synthetic fuels
  • Mechanical Engineering

    The future of the mechanical engineering sector will need to respond to the following trends:

    • Increasing competition from the emerging economies
    • Chinese patents placing more pressure on western companies
    • Globalization as a challenge for SMEs
    • New production procedures and business models
    • Industry 4.0
    • Complexity management
    • Post-merger integration
    • War for talents
    • Development of leadership and business philosophies
  • Medical Technology

    More and more complex regulations and regulatory demands and the trend towards consolidation in hospital trusts are making it harder for medium-sized players to maintain their commercial track record. Innovation remains a constant and costly necessity at the same time.

    • Public sector / Research cooperation
    • Constant pressure to change in many public institutions, driven by digitalization and the demand for efficiency by the tax-paying public
    • Increased need for coordination in international cooperation
    • Changing expectations among target groups
  • Associations

    The professionalization of lobbying and the fragmentation of commercial interests is creating new challenges for industry associations, while the pressure of costs remains a constant concern:

    • European unification and globalization
    • Forecasts, lobbying, and PR responsibilities
    • Increasing professionalization of corporate lobbying specialists
    • New expectations of speed and transparency in the digital era

We appreciate the trust our clients place in our work!