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The team

Our global network of consultants and trainers allows us to find the right balance between the needs of our clients and the approaches and methods we can contribute.

The people behind the group

We speak the language and know the issues of our clients. We are specialists in our areas of expertise.
Since the foundation of the, we have grown into a global network of partners and experts who all have years of professional experience, a wide range of expertise and are committed to staying abreast of current developments. As a modern network organization, we hence always stay true to the same principles we bring to our clients: To stay agile and implement intelligent solutions with determination.

Sebastian Bahrinipour Managing Partner
Katrin Nesemann Senior Expert / Associate
David Völker Senior Expert / Associate
Prof. Georg-Christof Bertsch Senior Expert / Associate
Simone Freyhoff Senior HR Expert, Trainer & Change Consultant / Associate
Claudia Hoefer Senior Expert / Associate
Klaus Bindernagel Senior Expert / Associate
Inis Klinger Senior Expert / Associate
Kai Mahnert Communications Expert / Associate
Wiebke Riegelmann Junior Consultant / Associate
Joe Houde Senior Expert / Associate
Danny Holtschke Digital Expert / Associate
Ilze Zandvoort Senior Expert / Associate
Gerda Kotzé Senior Expert / Associate
Sandra Pereira Senior Expert / Associate
Oriana Tickell Senior Expert / Associate
Prof. Megan Reitz Senior Expert / Associate
Saraswathi G. Anand Senior Expert / Associate
Mohamed Anis Abdo Senior Expert / Associate

Each of our associates works independently on their own responsibility in line with approaches and quality standards. Each has their own focus topics. Our team includes experienced management consultants, economists, psychologists, sociologists, medical professionals, systemic consultants, and entrepreneurs. You decide the profiles that match you and your needs best! Please contact us directly.