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Services & Competences

Unimpressed by Complexity

We design custom service, training, and development processes

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We are passionate about supporting our clients in their topics and challenges. For this purpose, we apply our consulting and training services, grounded in theory and applied in practice.

We work with our clients to understand the true goals of the cooperation and to find the right approach for the purpose. Transparency, high-quality processes, and a complete sense for the real experience of our clients are the standards we are committed to. They are the basis for the high quality that you deserve and that you can expect from a consultancy partner.

Strategies, Organizations, or Personnel – Where does organizational development start?

We combine strategy, organization, and HR development with our interdisciplinary and international competences. This multi-dimensional approach is the gold standard for true sustainability in organizational development. We can support you in the following areas:

  • Change

    Effective change can only come about in custom processes. We are ready for the most pressing challenges of your business. We will work with you to find the right solutions and help you implement them. Whatever your needs – digitalization, Industry 4.0, globalization, post-merger integration – we have the experience you need: design, stakeholder integration, interventions, project management, communication.

  • Organizational Development

    Are you wondering: »What can make us more effective learners?«. »How can we become better at cooperation?«. »What can make us more entrepreneurial?«. »How can we prepare for the future ahead?«. There are no one-size-fits-all answers. We make sure that we find and establish the right framework for your organization.

  • Strategy Implementation

    We can support strategy processes, put your strategies to the test, host workshops, facilitate a strategic dialogue at your company, or support your management teams with testing new mental models and methods. Above all, we can help you with one thing: Effective action on the ground.

  • Expert Methods

    Agile methods are an everyday experience for us. We are actively involved in leading-edge fields like design thinking, effectuation, complexity management, corporate rethinking, or innovation management. We would be happy to tell you more.

  • HR Management

    Our experienced HR professionals are here to speak to you about novel prospects in HR development, talent management, and HR management. We can design effective processes and systems and offer you perfectly targeted support where you need it.

  • Learning Architecture / Business Driven Action Learning

    New forms of organization, new business models, and new strategies also need new competences. We can develop holistic learning architectures for corporate and SME clients – if required in cooperation with business schools and universities. From the first concept to the process design, from project management and didactic contents to the coordination of international speakers and trainers and quality assurance. We believe in learning “on the run” – in an active dialogue with concrete business issues.

  • In-House Programs

    For more clearly defined learning goals, we are happy to offer custom in-house programmes on topics of leadership, project management, and entrepreneurship.

  • Learning Journeys

    For many of the pressing issues of the times, like digitalization, agility, or lean start-ups, it can be a stimulating experience to witness other companies or institutions up close and personal. We can organize exciting learning journeys and make sure that you take away many relevant insights for actual practice.

  • Coaching

    Our pool of highly experienced and generally systemically trained coaches offer executive coaching, leadership coaching, team coaching, and individual coaching.

  • Team Development

    Effective teams are one of the mainstays of any successful enterprise. This makes team development, team building, top management team building, conflict mediation, and agile team development a crucial part of our expertise.

  • Communication Consulting

    Chance processes, new strategies, and leadership all need effective communication to become a success in the real world. We are not a communications agency, but we have talented professionals with many years of communications, PR, corporate positioning, branding, and public affairs to give you qualified support. For exceptional cases, we can rely on affiliated communication experts and dedicated agencies in the field.

  • Conflict Mediation

    We are here to support you as mediators in times of conflict inside or outside of your organization.

  • Evaluation

    You want to make sure that a programme has reached the goals and fulfilled the hopes you placed in it? You want to know how far you have come in your evolution into a learning or agile organization? We have a comprehensive toolkit of evaluation methods and instruments to answer these questions for you.

Our Centres of Competence

Our Centres of Competence are the laboratory spaces powering our work for the key questions asked by our clients. They help us grow the competences of We are currently committed to the following questions:

»How do we make the leap from developing strategies and initiatives to implementing them on the ground?«

»How can we become better learners as organizations, without expecting too much from our people?«

»How can we cope with the great complexity and the dynamic nature of everyday life and work?«

»How can we promote enterprising mindsets and practice in our organizations?“

“How can we establish a corporate culture grounded in both performance and appreciation?“

“How can we use technology meaningfully without making it an end in itself?“

Leadership & HR

Change & Communication

Strategy & Organization

Innovation & Technology

Identity & Branding

Project & Process Management

In our centres of competence, we transform new scientific insights and practical experience in our work into new products and services. Our experts are committed to always acquiring the newest expertise and getting inspired by promising and complementary perspectives. We will always challenge our chosen consulting practices: The challenges of our clients are too serious for half-baked ideas.

5 Reasons to Choose the

  • Experience

Our expertise from countless projects with our clients, organizations, and functional departments of many sizes and from many sectors of industry enables us to relate immediately to the questions of our clients. Our services range from pinpoint, high-impact formats to the development of complex, long-term programmes for people and organizational development.

  • Unimpressed by Complexity

​​​​​​​We consider our ability to face the complex and dynamic challenges of our clients with courage and respect as one of our core competences. We design custom consulting services that take effect at the interface between organizations, people, and technology. And we see success in making ourselves unnecessary, because we want our clients to introduce the necessary impulses for development by themselves.

  • International and Intercultural​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Our network of consultants and trainers spans all continents and numerous markets. All of our partners have personal management experience in international business. Their great intercultural awareness is an essential building block for our successful projects.

  • Conceptual and applied competences​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Our programmes are grounded in concepts and methods that build on a genuine balance of theoretical validity and practical effectiveness. We work with our clients to define the measures of success that we hold ourselves to. Our mission is to produce measurable and tangible value.

  • Enjoyable work​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​We are committed to ambitious standards of professionalism in our work – that is why we enjoy it. We are looking forward to shaping your future at your side!