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About the

What We Stand For

Finding the intelligent balance – Our purpose is the right equilibrium

The team

We are an international consulting and training enterprise. We support and accompany our clients in their organizational and executive development and in the strategy and change processes they have committed to. As a modern network organization, we always stay true to the same principles we bring to our clients: To stay agile and implement intelligent solutions with determination.

Formed in 2010 at the University of Witten/Herdecke, the values and beliefs of the university still form the foundations of our work. We combine the precision of scientific work with the required pragmatism of industry. We see organizations as dynamic systems that need the agility to adapt to permanently changing circumstances. We are also committed to a humanist ideology that considers the welfare of the people of our clients first and foremost.

Since the foundation of the, we have grown into a global network of partners and experts and are advising many different clients – from small family enterprises to global corporations. Our international and interdisciplinary network brings together the best minds in practice and research. In our centres of competence, we are constantly refining our consulting concepts. We are not only continuously looking for new approaches and solutions, but also working on mastering our own challenges as a company .

What We Believe

An intelligent balance of established routines and new impulses – That is our response to the challenges faced by companies around the globe.

We do not want to jump on the band wagon of every new trend in consulting or believe in the often unrealistic hopes they create. Dashed hopes are not the only danger: One-sided agility, sense, value, or innovation initiatives often do more harm than good.

The model of integrated business development is built on the idea that only those concepts and methods should be applied that have a meaningful contribution to make in the specific corporate context. We consciously pass by certain aspects and focus on the quality of the services – less is often more. This is the key for consulting to become a means to an end, and not an end in itself.

How We Work

We see consulting as co-creation process by equal partners. We need to work in genuine partnership and open up to their challenges and creative processes. By accepting our shared responsibility, we can reach our shared goals – side by side.

Our work is grounded in a commitment to professional consulting. We combine analytical thinking, business acumen, and empathy with a dedicated to high-quality processes for our concepts and consulting methods. We also believe that intelligent solutions can only form if we truly understand the unique needs of our clients and find perfectly tailored solutions for them. Our experience tells us: Professional cooperation can and should be enjoyable!

What We Want to Achieve

Our mission is to make our clients and their organizations fit for the future, without neglecting the needs of the people involved.

We often encounter contradicting situations at our clients. The executives and employees that face even the toughest challenges with optimism and courage often find themselves feeling insecure and out of their depth. We know the tension created by a positive vision of the future and the effects of rapid changes. Our many years of experience can contribute to mobilizing new energy to make a real difference: To master the challenges of organizations and to find the right balance between challenging and supporting the people involved.